Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bird Houses

Happy Colorful Boyd Abodes

Bird Houses

June 17, 2012 is when I started making.  I told my wife after a failed attempt at publishing a home improvement magazine in Evanvsville I was going to make a living making bird houses.  Being the best wife in the world (no prompting needed), she said "okay".  My first bird houses were made from the knotty pine that covered my foundation walls.  Being a purist at the time, I used no paint.  I treated each bird house with raw linseed oil.  The boiled linseed oil has metal flakes to help it dry and poison birds.

After a five year hiatus from making bird houses, I started again with a new approach.  I decided to add color and some happiness to the homes.
Sunny Day with Happy Flowers
Blue Olive Martini Bird House

Happy Posy Bird House
American Pride Bird House

Rain Drops and Stripes
Butterfly Bird House