Shop and Studio

Shop and Studio

When I started out on June 17th, 2012 I only had a small under powered table saw, a mitre saw and some hand tools.  As of November 10th, 2016 I have acquired an number of older tools for my shop.  In the beginning, I watched craigslist for the tools I wanted.  Today my wish list is down to only a few power tools.  What I need is space more than anything.


1970s 6x48 Grinder used to shape vases, fish, pencil boxes and fingers.

Late 60s radial arm saw - great beast for cross cutting lumber to rough shape
Favorite tool - given to me by my sister,. Sue Lietzel for Christmas 2014

old routers
Collection of routers for shaping and planing twisted wood.
Air nailers to make my life easier.
Collection of mismatched clamps
1947 Craftsman Scroll Saw - pattern cutter for router work

Grinders used to shape and polish art work

Walker Turner Drill Press - Circa 1940. 

Mortising Machine provided by my friend John Peterson of Evansville.
My original under powere mitre saw.

1952 Craftsman - King Sealey Shaper
My table saw is a combination of two Craftsman Table Saws - one from the 60s and one from the early 70s.  One had a great table and base.  The other had a good enough motor and a great fence.
Beltsanders mounter to grind out and polish some work.

Recently decommissioned baby band saw.
Decommissioned radial arm saw.  I currently use my table saw sled for cross cuts and mitre cuts.
Work Table measures 5'x5' from scrap plywood donated by a local factory.

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  1. I like it all! Very nice collection here, and I thought I was the only one who considered my tools to be "extended family". :) thanks for sharing!