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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Red Fish Key Rack

Key Rack for Your Fishing Shack

I made these dudes to hold your keys while you go and try to catch the big one.  The piece measures around 14 inches long.  The nails used are from sometime in the 1800s.  How many ways can I use my favorite fish?

Red Fish Key Holder

Odd Fish Out

 Three Fish Sculpture

The three fish started out to be mobile pieces and ended up on a nice chunk of wood.  These guys are painted with black oil paint, buffed and then coated with polyurethane.  The chuck of wood adds to the texture to the piece.

carved black fish
Odd Fish Out

Red Fish Pencil Holder

Warm Red Glow Red Fish Pencil Box

Happy Red Fish Strikes Again as a Pencil Box
I don't have a clue to why I enjoy making these fish into something, but damn they make me laugh out loud.  This guy is made from a poplar lintel from the Karges mansion that once occupied North Second Street.  He was cut out freehand with my bandsaw, sanded down, the pencil hole was drilled in with a forsner bit, painted red (currently my favorite color) and then buffed out to a warm red glow.  The red glow comment comes from Rudolph. 
fish pencil box, carved fish pencil box
Red Fish Pencil Box Front

red fish pencil box, fish pencil box, core modern fish pencil box
Red Fish Pencil Box left side