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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Years Bench

Horse Bench For People

Here is a bench I built last summer.  I wanted to add some kind of cool finish to the piece and it took me close to a year to create this new folksy finish.  This horse bench for people has three horses starting on a run.  I will be creating more of these benches with different themes.
The best part about the horse bench for people is it sold in less than a day.
Haddad Art, folk art, horse bench
Horse Bench for people

Country Farm Blocks - Pigs, Chickens, Cows, Rabbits and Horses

Folk Art, Primitive, Country Warm Art

 Block Wood Farms - These pieces were created from shelves from my "Stalker" van.  To create these pieces, I had to disassemble the shelves, trim the edges off, cut to 6x8 rectangles, sand five years of dirt off of them.  Sand all eight sides and then stain them black ebony.  The intension with the stain was to allow some of the original redwood stain maintain visibility.   Then each block was stenciled with three layers of paint which started with black to gray to white.  Each wood block is finished with polyurethane for protection and easy cleaning.  Haddad Art's stalker van is shown below.

Pigs, Rabbits, Horses, Chickens and Cows

Chicken and Cow
Horsing Around

Pig, Sitting Bunny and Running Rabbit
 Haddad Art Stalker Van as my wife calls it.  She is a beast, but hauls a ton of stuff to art shows
Stalker Van