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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Happy Little Flying Pigs

These dudes just make me smile.  The one on the right looks a bit angry where as lefty looks lost.  I made these from tree branches we cut down in our yard this summer.  At first the branches were going to be walking sticks.  Flying pigs are much more fun.

Two flying pigs
Lefty and Righty - Two Flying Pigs
Angry flying pig
Righty - The Angy Pig
Lost Flying Pig
Lefty - The Lost Flying Pig

First Flying Pig Mobile

This is my first flying pig mobile which is at the Dapper Pig in Evansville, Indiana...the last I heard.  I have created more of these flying pink smile makers which sell well.

Flying Pig Mobile


Out Door Flying Pig

This jumbo flying pig is ready for your garden, entry way or just to hang from a tree.  Barry was constructed from a hickory barn beam donated by my friend Adam who received from another friend Scott.  Barry is residing in Evansville, Indiana and was adopted at the Franklin Street Bazaar in the summer of 2015.  The first picture is Barry and my grandson Gavin.